Types of businesses a medical student can do that won’t affect his/her studies

Contributions/suggestions on the type of business a medical student can do that won’t affect his/her studies


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  1. Eunice

    Doing a business as a medical student solely depends on you as an individual.
    There are so many businesses a medical student can do ranging from selling of medical related stuffs like textbooks to selling of perfumes to drop shipping and so many others .
    But one has to be very careful because making money is very sweet and you might get distracted and begin to loose focus. I know of someone who started a business and almost at his final year ,dropped out and said he didn’t want to go to school anymore (he lost focus because of money ). Again , you have to set goals …
    Know the reason why you want to start the business. Are you starting it as a side hustle to support yourself or as a main business?
    I feel what you need right now as a medical student is a side hustle. Technology has made things much easier, you don’t have to go from class to class to start advertising, you can do all that with your phone.
    I sell perfumes and all I do is post the pictures for people to see and buy.When one person buy’s, the other person perceives the scent ,loves it and ask for the seller (people begin to advertise you without you stressing).Finally, doing businesses requires dedication too but you’ll have to balance it and set your priorities right and you might need to get a business mentor to coach you before starting any business.
    I hope this helps.

  2. Dr.Fae2103

    To be honest, Medicine is a very delicate course. When I entered med school I thought I could balance the whole thing because I’m a model and I own an online shop. I’m into mini Importation, The stress and energy that comes with it is too intense. You think you have everything under control but you’re not. I had to give up on one. Basically I wanted to prove to my parents, my mom in particular that I can be a doctor and a Beauty Queen and do well in both. But then it’s not easy, Yes you need money for your upkeep in school so you need money. But my advice is if you can’t strick a balance. You need to quite.

    So possible jobs I can think of that won’t affect your studies is Tutoring.

  3. Ani705

    To me any job is okay

    If your able to balance the two

    Like my tutor in school his a 500lvl medicine and surgery student, this guy, I call him jack of all trades😂😂but what I know him for, is that he has a tutorial house where he teach students starting from jamb students, post utme student, 100,200,300,400 lvl. And funny enough he comes out as the best in his class. I won’t mention the other business his into but to sum it up, it’s the way you manage your time that matters.

  4. Aderonke

    I would say it depends on that kind of students and also the time and dedication of such student..Me for example even tho I just started med school but I have this love for photography, software stuffs, coding and stuffs like that..When I told my sister bout it the next question she asked was that *Would you be able to balance it, won’t it affect your education*.. There are lotta medical students who are into various businesses out there and it doesn’t affect their education.. That’s because they were able to balance between education and business.. But online business are also good too it doesn’t really take much of your time, buy and sell

  5. Odogwu

    It depends on the kind of business.
    * Sales and supplies with *very* good logistics will not affect his/her studies.

    * Production like making of cakes, though hectic but when planned well may not. I’ll not suggest this

    * Freelancer eg
    Photography, graphics designing, etc Just don’t be carried away. When you have a planned schedule, you’ll succeed in both academics and business. He/she must be strictly disciplined with time if not, it’ll choke him/her up.

  6. Nightfury

    I think though it’s depends on the business,it should also depend on the amount of time invested in such business, balancing school work and running a business is quite tiring, impossible sef. A side hustle is more preferable, something that keeps regulating the money in your pockets,and at the same time obeys Pareto principle,20% percent of your effort should give your 80% percent of your effort,get more by doing less, going into drop shipping,mini importation,selling wears and the likes are quite tiresome,I personally use Boompay as my side hustle,it’s a platform that’s pays for reading news,daily logins and sharing sponsored posts, basically stuffs we do on our phones everyday,and it’s paying not the likes of oforum,atpays,giftalworld or Nnu news, Boompay is legit,it’s my own little small business, preferably side hustle..

      1. Nightfury

        I can’t send my WhatsApp no here or any link, but you can ask med zone tv for my contact,tell him it’s Oreoluwa about Boompay,

      2. Nightfury

        I’ll be sure to put you through registeration

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