His younger sister texted me saying that I’m the cause of his strange sickness

I had sex with my boyfriend on two different occasions, nothing actually happened. Then he went to the village because he loss he’s uncle. Then he went to Lagos to get he’s cousin who just came back from Indonesia.
So some days later he called on the phone that he was sick and don’t knw what’s wrong with him, so I advised he went for a test. Ever since then I’ve nt heard from him.
Until one fateful day, his younger sister texted me saying that I’m the cause of his sickness, that he spent over 200k to treat himself buh up to no avail.
Then she rendered all sorts of insult on me. So I asked her what was the diagnosis, she didn’t give me any reply. Then later the doctor texted me, pleading I should go for a culture and urinalysis test, that he’s body was resistant to all the drug he was administered too.
I did as they asked and when the text result came out, I was perfectly fine. The only fault was I had scanty staph. So I sent the picture of the test report.
They disagreed that I used a fake labouratory. So I asked them of his own diagnosis, they said he doesn’t have any diagnosis yet, buh it’s obvious it was an STI.
So up till now, I don’t knw if he’s fine or not. I’m still confused, I don’t knw what to do or think at the moment.
Can you please help me figure out the problem or advice me what step to take??

His younger sister texted me saying that I'm the cause of his strange sickness


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  1. am_naza_gold

    She is most likely not his only sexual partner !
    I think she should confirm from other hospitals, a teaching hospital preferably!
    Then, she should try contacting the boyfriend again ,if not possible, she should visit him at the family house to clarify everything, …. If still to no avail, she should move on! While putting the guy and his people in prayers…

  2. Seeker

    “Everybody lies”

    I’m pretty sure the boyfriend is lying to her about being his only sexual partner, but since her cultures came out clean, I could guess maybe he contacted STD from someone else. That’s why the doctor asked her to get tested.

    Him being resistant to medication, who knows if he’s been a drug junkie for a while.

    He hasn’t contacted her about the issue he has because maybe he’s afraid to face the guilt of telling her that he contacted STD, or maybe she isn’t that much part of his life, she doesn’t matter to him, he just dumped her.

    The younger sister thought maybe she’s the one that gave him STD, so trying to guilt her up, she shouldn’t fall for that !

    I’ll advise her to move on with her life and forget him, he isn’t that much into her life.. and go back for re-test after a while!

  3. rubypearl

    This is a very serious case.
    It’s obvious the said bf is unwell and critically ill, and at the moment the source is not traceable and to make the situation worse both the doctor and the bf’s sister are playing games with his life and that of his gf.
    I mean he’s not been diagnosed and you are already condemning somebody else for his woes and asking the gf to go diagnosis, when she revealed the results, they still doubted the credibility of the results and yet not ready to disclose the bf’s state of health.

    My advice for her is that she should not panic, let her mind be at rest to help think critically right, then she should do a thorough examination of her body to ascertain her own state of health and fix any problems early. Once that’s done, she should carry on with her life, when they are ready or need her they will reach out or let things slide

  4. opeyemi

    Good Morning it a very fascinating story .
    Sex before marriage is one issue that need to be treated without any form of carelessness. Let assume the result from the lady was true definitely the guy most have contacted it from another sexual partner….or probably
    The lady has gotten her self involved in unprotected sex
    ..I would advise that proper investigation is made from both side ….most especially the guy …

  5. Bethylizzy

    She shouldn’t be that worried since the test results said that nothing was wrong with her and she should just move on. The boy should go for a test. It’s not that hard to go for a test only if he’s hiding something.

  6. Okwute

    As long as they haven’t told the lady what is wrong with her boyfriend, she can’t be making assumptions that it’s an STI or that it’s her that caused it.

    She has done her part in doing a test, the only other thing she can do is do another test. The boyfriend himself may be suffering from underlying diseases but maybe it’s the first time they’ve had sex so he assumes it was from the sex.

    Anyways, it’s better the boyfriend’s family stops fronting and tell his girlfriend what his issue is.

    It’s not going to be too plausible for the house to work on guess work.

  7. Ibrahim Khalil Shuaib

    Obviously,I don’t think there is an iota of truth and trust in this puzzle. Because for sure at least one of the two party must be lying, hiding and deceiving the other party

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