The relationship won’t work based on our age differences

Have been following up with your post and have notice you do advice on relationship too. I am a 200level medical biochemistry student. Am currently in a 2years relationship which am scared is about to break. Am 19 and she is 19 too. we both love each other until recently she started acting weird .

She isn’t in school yet. She started going out with other guys. I confronted her she said they are just friends until I caught her when I forcefully read her chat. She begged n I forgave her. Now she truly wants to b back but she said her aunt advice her that the relationship won’t work based on the age difference is too close.

Please sir I need your advice cause am draining mentally everyday. I need to get myself back on time.

I have aspirations of becoming a Nurse

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  1. josephjetunde

    To be sincere with you, age doesn’t mean a thing because what really matters is love, trust and having faith in each other. If you possess these three attributed and you believe she’s the one for you, go after her but if not there are better choices ahead

  2. Dr Hall

    Please don’t force her to stay, for her to tell you “what her aunt said about age” it is a sign she doesn’t rate you. Ask her if she feels the relationship will work out and let her make her choice, besides she is getting attracted to someone else (probably older men) ,what if you didn’t check her phone forcefully? So you will continue to fool yourself…….
    Age does not always matter in relationship but in case it matters to your the partner, there is know way you can stop her from exploring older men until she regrets her action. But until then save your mental health.

  3. hero

    Bro, I’ve been here before, I was in a 2years relationship, we were 18, and I suddenly I noticed she started drifting of, talking and hanging out with other boys often but she tries to hide it, finally she started having feeling for another guy, bro when I found out, i decided to break up, it was so hard for me at that time, I even told one of my friends to write for me a long depression letter to give her, so she will feel guilty(lol). Finally after a month or two I stopped having feeling for her, (though she chat me up occasionally but I didn’t reply, it was so hard) I haven’t felt more free in my life, and it’s why I sweated that I won’t fall in love till I’m ready to get married. I know it seems impossible to break up with her, but trust me if I could do it, you can too.

  4. rubypearl

    You know what’s the best for you, let her go, because very soon she will start misbehaving very soon, her heart or love (isn’t that what you called it?) Is not for you again, forget about her and anything call relationship for now and focus on your studies… I come in peace shalom 😊

  5. mabel

    For me i will.say
    Its first of all amistake going into this relationship
    Its too early
    They both re not prepared for anything that will come out from the relationship
    In all rounds they re still babies
    About the age
    A child cant train a child
    Its only on rare cases that mayb he is 20 and shes 19
    I will advise he stays off. Relationships
    Cause definatly its telling on him
    Draining him when what he supposed to be focoused on is been left behind
    He should let go
    It hurts to love yes
    But truthfully, this cant and will never end in marriage
    Trust me what they calles love that they had
    Was full time lust nd infatuation
    Trust me it comes with the age
    She is no longer intrested

  6. Beck davids

    Something is draining you and you still want it…….hmm

    No doubts you love her but my advice here is to break up with her……….it’ll hurt but it won’t hurt forever……take your time and heal……ask Gid for peace, he’ll surely give you….focus on your studies and when the right one comes……you won’t need to stress about it

  7. Beck davids

    Something is draining you and you still want it…….hmm

    No doubts you love her but my advice here is to break up with her……….it’ll hurt but it won’t hurt forever……take your time and heal……ask God for peace, he’ll surely give you….focus on your studies and when the right one comes……you won’t need to stress about it

  8. Beck davids

    Nothing is more important than your mental health

  9. Beck davids

    Anything that is draining you is not good for you

  10. Bride of Christ

    I’ve also been in a situation like this before bro. I was older than the guy. Although I knew it might not later work, but I foolishly decided to trust it will. And it later ended as a disaster. He broke up with me. I was just so fortunate to have people around me to encourage and advice me to get back on track. God amended the broken heart and gave me peace. I decided to face God and my studies. And here I am, doing great by the grace of God. And I’ve made up my mind not to go into a relationship until I’m ready for marriage. Bro, your mental health is important. Then, your studies is also important. I’ll advice you don’t force her, she has told you the truth, just leave her, I know it’s not easy, but trust me, you’ll heal up. Let your studies be your main focus, I’m very sure there are a lot of people you want to make proud. They are still looking up to you, don’t let them down. I pray God gives you wisdom on this matter.

  11. Victory Nwaojuwe

    Sorry but i will have to start this way So it’s one thing to ask for advice and its other thing to take it. A lot of people will advice you to leave that relationship but at this stage which you are it could be one of the most difficult step for you, but there is good news… its worth it. Getting the fact that you shouldn’t be in that kind of situation at this stage of your life is and leaving is an important decision you need to make today. Now I’m not advising you to leave because of age difference cause trust me that’s the least of the issues that I could pick out from the post, there are a lot of other signs that are obvious that you shouldn’t be there and if you don’t back off now maybe you try to amend this and things get really better between two of you it won’t last for up to a year and you will be back here again, the only difference will be that you would have loved her a more deeper and then it becomes a more difficult situation for you to bare. Leave now bro its your best bet.. You guys will find a way back to each other if it was meant to be. I have practical steps on how to be back on your feet.. Medzone will link us up if you want. Just ask him

  12. Acquafortis8

    All I can say is; this phase will pass.
    You feel like crying? Please do.
    Don’t fight it
    Just go with the tide and you’ll be fine.

    If I could survive my own heart break, which I don’t know where to start explaining from, then anyone else can survive it.

  13. lo56lo94

    Most times, u have to consider ur happiness in life, it’s not about the age difference between u two..from ur narrative, I saw a lot of mistrust and unbelief…and it’s never a good sign.
    U can try to give it a shot but it’ll just be like going round a circle cuz relationships are built not on love but on trust.. Do u guys trust each other and respect each other enough? If u’re not SURE, then just MOVE on… u’re still young and have ur whole life ahead of u.

  14. drwaters

    I would advise you to sit her down and discuss. Let her last her fears, ask her questions. Ask her to tell you your current “relationship status” with her. In doing so, you’d know if she still loves you or there is no more love lost.

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