Vampire or Human?: The VBT-01 Virus Part Two

Vampire or Human?: The VBT-01 Virus Part Two

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“You are human, Bryant, you are!”, she shouted looking straight into my face. I watched tears crawled down her face and my heart raced. She pulled me closer and hugged me….
Silently, I sobbed and she patted me till I slept off in her embrace. To be sincere, I wanted to die, immediately I heard vampire like virus- all I thought of was dying and leaving the strange world I found myself.
“I want to be a doctor……….I have imagined myself in that white garment working as a doctor. How will I go about this? What should I do?”, they were the thoughts fighting through my mind like warriors in war..

Walking Away From Light

The next day, I woke up with a very heavy heart walking to the window, I opened the window blinds and peeped outside to breath in the fresh air. Alas! Unexpectedly, my skin started burning with cracks! In fear, I let go of the curtain and took many steps away. I experienced a great pain I have never experienced.
“Yeahhhhhhh!”, I wailed in pain trying not to scratch the affected skin sitting on the floor.
“Bryant!”, I heard my mum called me dashing into my room.
“Mum!”, I called in fear showing her my terrible skin.
“Why did you open the blinds and curtain?!”, she asked me more of roaring.

“Why can’t I?”, I shouted in return tears falling down my cheeks.
“You……can’t…….”, she stammered trying to block the light rays entering the room.
“How come my skin…………”, I stopped seeing my skin going back to normal, the cracks were fading and the skin colour was going back to normal.
I watched my mum drawing down the curtain and the room went dark. She headed to the switch and switched on the light bulb.
“Mom?”, I called showing her my hand now back to it’s normal colour.
“Bryant, you shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight at dawn and ultraviolet rays!”, she shouted trying to stand me up.

“You……are….you…. telling….”, I stammered getting up.
“Bryant, you shouldn’t!”, she said again with tears on her face.
Without thinking twice, I rushed out of my room heading out, she followed! Taking many steps a time, I ran like a thunder to the entrance and opened the door. She appeared like a smoke and blocked my way.

I Just Want To Die!

“You shouldn’t!”, she roared pushing me away in vain. “You shouldn’t, you will die!”
“I know!”, I roared in return looking straight into her eyes.
“You…..know?”, she asked mouth agape.
“Yes! I just want to die, I really want to!”, I said trying to push her away gently.
“You really want to die?”, she asked still trying to get back from the journey my shocking words made her embarked on.
“Yes! Why should I be living like this? Why?”, I asked still trying to push her off my way gently.
“It will be painful……exposing yourself to sunlight at dawn like that will be very painful”, she said trying to get hold of me.
“What type of pain is more painful than this? This pain of living a monstrous life- is there any pain more agonizing than this?”, I asked in tears successfully pushing her off my way. I dashed out…

“And what do you think you are doing?”
It was just a stone throw to the open space when I heard an unfamiliar voice, I stopped.
The man whom I guessed to be in his late fifties walked to me in his white lab coat looking stern.
“What do you think you are doing?”, he asked again blocking my way.
“Move…..move”, I managed to say trying not to get shocked.
“Do you really want to die?”, he asked smiling.
I was surprised. “Why the hell is he smiling in this condition?”, I said within myself.
“Yes”, I affirmed.

I’m Not Human But A Vampire

“Please stop him!”, I heard my mum’s voice slumping to the ground.
“……. Because you are infected with VBT-01 Virus?”, he asked still smiling conveniently.
“Yes!”, I replied nodding.
“Death won’t come that way”, he said and like dropping a bombshell, I staggered to the back.
Quickly, my mum held me from the back and pushed me to the ground.
“As an infected human, you have a self regenerative ability”, he said walking away.
“Why are you telling him this?”, I heard my mother’s voice faintly asking the strange man.
“Because he should know!”, he shouted in return walking back to me. He helped me up and gripped my hands.

“Try and get it together, Bryant, try! You have physical abilities greater than that of non infected people and of course a self regenerative ability. Exposing yourself to that sunlight will give you nothing but pain!”, he spewed everything out and they all got into my skull.

Those Monstrous Urges Again!

I was feeling the urge again! The urge to bite the strange man before me and drink his blood! The urge to set everything into an uproar situation and become wild and bite anybody stopping me!
I was trying to control myself, in tears, I was trying to suppress the urges telling myself I am Bryant not a vampire. It wasn’t easy like I thought, that moment, it was hell trying not to bite the man before me- the man who had no idea of what was going on!

“Its your choice! Being human or vampire, you can decide that yourself!”, I heard him finally say.
I hated hearing that. “Is that true? Can I really decide that? Can I still be human with all these strange urges tempting me?”, I asked myself continuously raging through my mind.

“No ooooooooooo”, I heard shouted in horror and unconsciously, I pushed the man away and ran off like an antelope. Pushing the man away and running off like that wasn’t my decision but I felt it was better than biting the man and drinking his blood. So, I allowed myself to run as far as I could.

Am I Still Human Or A Vampire?

Without stopping, I ran along the street heading to a nearby bush- it wasn’t a wild bush of course. Like a wind, I stormed through all trees and conveniently had my way into the bush farther and farther. Then, I sighted a small cat running away in fear, after all, the bush has been disrupted with my roars.
Sighting the cat, I felt the urge again- an urge I wasn’t able to control! Strangely enough, I watched my fingernails grow taller and sharper and in a twinkle of an eye, the cat died in my hands soaked with it’s blood.

“Bryant!”, I heard my mum and I got back to myself again.
“Bryant!”, she called again walking to me.
“Don’t come closer!”, I roared looking at my bloody hands in tears.
“Bryant please!”, she cried out.
“Don’t come”, I said again shaking my hands violently hoping the blood sublime.
“Bryant please;”, she cried again.
“Are you sure I am still humane?”, I asked in tears looking at the dead cat.

Your Quilts And Insecurities Makes You Human And Not A Vampire

“Yes!”, she replied still walking to me little by little.
“I hate you!”, I roared stepping backwards and continued, “I hate you for lying to me! Drinking blood to sustain my life is still humane? These strange and wild fingernails is still humane? Inability to die easily is still humane? Not aging again is still humane? Living for many years till I lost all friends and families is humane?!”, I asked her in desperation waiting for her lies again.
“They are all humane! Bryant! The fact that you are feeling this guilty shows the humanity in you!”, she said and slumped into the ground as expected.
I laughed madly watching my fingernails going back to normal.

“Mom”, I called walking to her, “You have a good way of making me feel better”, I said ironically trying to suppress my anger.
“Can I still be a doctor like this?”.
“You can be the best doctor in the world”, I heard the man respond while walking into my view. “As an infected person, you can be a better doctor”.
I laughed again like a maniac.
“Drinking patients blood, right?”, I asked him.
“They are urges meant to be stopped!”, he shouted walking to me……

……to be continued……

About The Author

Writer: Bolarinwa Amirat Olawumi
Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Bolarinwa Amirat Olawumi is a Pharmacy student at Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State. She is a passionate novelist, writer and poet who started writing at a very tender age with lots of successful publications. Her primary goal is to make the medical world a better one and is looking forward to making it comes true with her skillful pen and medical knowledge. To quench her thirst for knowledge, she likes asking questions and researching. She enjoys writing and unveiling new things

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