Swallowing The Doctors 3: Betrayal and Deceit

Swallowing The Doctors 3: Betrayal and Deceit

“Time travel has never been possible; you are a liar! ” Marcus knopf said. “The viruses you discovered proved me right, they are alien to your world, they came with us from the future” I rebuked ” Did you just used the word “us”? Who sent you here?” Marcus demanded

” My friend and I travelled back in time to save our world, the future earth got into trouble due to the past mistakes, your son’s mistake, our time machine developed some fault and we lost track of each other in the time frame, my friend is out there, I can still feel his presence, he’s going to spread the viruses to your world, you need to trust me now so we can stop him, he doesn’t know he’s carry the deadly bugs!” I furiously answered.

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Back In Time: Betrayal and Deceit

That was my last conversation with Marcus knopf before he finally gave me a chance to prove myself. “Remove the cuff from him” he ordered and continued “I will like to have some private discussion with him, you can leave, but stand by the door” Marcus whispered. “I need more details about this”
“You had a son, and he did the experiment that led to my immortal state. Marcus! He fulfilled your legacy! ” I gushed back at him.

“My son? I don’t even have a son, how on earth did he fulfil my legacy? My legacy is to save the world from organ shortage and that’s the aim of our research and experiments back in 2019. We successfully built our first 3D printed heart with stem cells” Marcus insisted. “…and that’s exactly why I’m here, even though I and my friend journeyed for 2100 to stop your son from creating his human specimens for the 3D printed organ experiments, but we found ourselves here, we were sabotaged by a syndicate who tried to hold humanity to ransom by harnessing the nanobots in me….” I said and paused “…….your son died while trying to keep the secret from the syndicate, he died of his own mistakes” I concluded

Nanomedicine For Cancer

“You are a product of my son’s artificial organ experiments? You have the nanobots in you and it made you immune to diseases?” Marcus calmly asked. Suddenly Marcus exclaimed in excitement “It worked! We did it!”. I was surprised by his unusual reaction.

Surprisingly, the Nano medicine was one of the experiments Marcus knopf and his scientist have been working on to fight cancer, autoimmune diseases and organ rejection without having to suppress the immune response.

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“Our experiments were meant to save the world, we will not allow the syndicate to take charge of this” Marcus declared “They will come back for me, they are going to track me down, you need to do something, I’m ready to give up on living with these bots, that may be the only solution to this” I said.
“The nanomedicine is our making, we will redesign it, however this may take us years, how long can we hold the syndicate?” one of the scientists asked. “We will hold them back as long as we can” Marcus maintained.

The Future Viruses

Every plague leaves its mark on the world. The year 2021 suffered the consequences of the time travel as the future viruses were able to spread across the globe faster than Marcus and his team had predicted. I was quarantined within the facility where I spent several months without seeing the outside environment.

“The world health organization reported deadly cases of an unknown viral infection ravaging America, Europe, and Middle East, more than 10 million cases have been recorded since the first case was reported in China 5 months ago and over 1000 deaths recorded so far” the news declared.
“We are screwed as a specie and I guess this is going to be our meteor, we need to develop Vaccines against these viruses, using the nanobots as a cure will be more dangerous, we need a difference” Marcus knopf said.

A Breakthrough Against Marburg

“Attention, Attention, Attention, we just made a breakthrough! The Marburg mutant strain vaccines is finally a success” an unknown speaker declared through the laboratory central broadcasting system. “we can now begin the clinical trial, we need the WHO approval, then we can do away with the nanobots for good”

Thhe Marburg pandemic is about to come to an end as a recombinant DNA vaccine plus an antiviral drug were developed and accepted for use months later, this stops the virus from inhibiting the natural immunity. However new strains of the virus will continue to emerge if Guyton is not found.

“China…” I said and paused “Guyton must have landed in China, the first cases were recorded in China, I can feel his presence in our present time, we can track him down, he knows better on how to stop the syndicate from travelling to our time ….” I said and paused for a while trying to grasp some air as I feel lightheaded “…. I’m. ..nnnot… feeling….all.. right… I can’t …breath” I said as I dosed off to the ground … “Schwann!” a first responder exclaimed “He’s in V-tach, he’s shutting down, get the doctors!” he declared.

The Maze Procedure

“The nanobots are destroying him, sending dangerous electric signals to his heart, we need to get rid of them” Marcus said. “But they have always been keeping him alive” an attending cardiology replied.

“We will have to relieve him of the deadly signals first, to save his heart from more damages pending the time we are ready to get rid of the bots” Marcus said. “We need to scrub in for an emergency Maze procedure” the cardiologist replied.
“15 blade” the surgeon ordered as he make an incision on the upper part of the heart(atria) to create a Maze like pattern of scar tissue. “The excess signals can’t pass through scar tissues, the maze can block the stray electrical signals coming from the nanobots, this will limit the ventricular tachycardia” he concluded.

“Suture ……. tie……cut…. tie……cut…” the surgeons murmured as they close up the stitches. The surgery lasted 3 hours.

Betrayal and Deceit

“What happened to me?” I asked, “you had a near death experience, the nanobots are now acting against you, we have to get rid of them as soon as we can” Marcus responded.
“Something is not right… they are here” I said “Who?” Marcus replied. Soon a violent attack erupts in the facility.

“You have got no chance in stopping us… you lost the battle before it started, we have access to the bots and we now have power over them” a voice echoed through the laboratory space.
Soon, some men in black suite led by a white bearded man broke into the scene breaching the laboratory security and defence.

“Hello old friend” he replied
Guyton has completely transformed from a young teen into a huge muscular man with relative hostility. “Don’t be surprised, I’ve come to take you back to the future, your mission here is done, the MERS needs you”

It was almost too late until I discovered that Guyton was sent by the MERS to get information from the past and also to get hold of Marcus. A well planned mission, however, Marcus was no where to be found. “Go get that man, he’s the reason why we came here, we can’t lose him” Guyton ordered his men.

To be continued…

Glossary Of Swallowing The Doctors: Betrayal and Deceit

V-tach – Ventricular tachycardia is a condition in which the lower chambers of the heart (ventricles) beat very quickly. Ventricular tachycardia occurs due to a problem with the heart’s electrical impulses. —Mayoclinic

Maze procedure– A surgical procedure used to combat V-tach. In this procedure, a surgeon makes tiny incisions in the upper half of the heart (atria) to create a pattern (or maze) of scar tissue. The heart’s signals can’t pass through scar tissue. So the maze can block stray electrical heart signals that cause some types of tachycardia. —Mayoclinic

15-blade — A scalpel Ideal for making short, precise incisions because of its small, curved cutting edge.

Swallowing The Doctors 3: Betrayal and Deceit

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