Nursing Care Plan

I’m looking for a book on nursing care plan. Please recommend me a book to make good and effective nursing care plan.

Nursing Care Plan

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  1. ummzyva

    Med-Surg textbooks always have a section for nursing process and nursing care plans under the nursing care of each medical or surgical condition,and they are usually detailed, try Brunners and Sudarths, or Burke’s. They are very good Med-Surg textbooks.

    But there are textbooks for it like.
    Doegnes, Moorhouse, and Burr Nursing care plans: Guidelines for individualizing client care across life span.
    There is one published by Lippincott too, Nursing care plan and documentations
    For online sources, try and scrubnurse they are very good sources, there are more.
    And if you can, get someone who understands, nursing process and care plans and have them explain it to you.
    Also ask questions, no matter how silly you think they are, ask. Ask your lecturers, ask colleagues, ask seniors, ask Google. And be specific.

    This is for all nursing students on here, join this telegram channel. It’s a library of sorts for nursing textbooks in every aspect of nursing care. You’ll get loads of textbook on nursing care plan there, from Med-Surg Nursing to every nursing speciality you can think of, Pain management, Drug Guides, Pharmacology textbooks, MCH, Psychiatry, anything, it’s there. That channel is worth downloading telegram if you don’t have it.

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