Which is more difficult, medical school or getting into medical school?

Which is harder, getting through Medical school or securing an admission into medical school?

Which Field is better: Pharmacy or Medicine


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  1. topyek

    Getting through is definitely more difficult. Getting in depends on the school and in Nigeria especially connections but once you’re in that doesn’t matter anymore

  2. Rofeehah

    Securing an admission into medical school is more difficult. After battling for admission, and finally given the admission, then, how to survive through out will be based on how hard you’ve tried when trying to get the admission.

    1. Tejiri-Violet

      Very very true
      Being in medical school doesn’t just entails intelligence but also hard work, consistency, diligence and much more.
      Getting an admission into medical school is challenging and also maintain the admission till graduation is more challenging.
      Because as we grow in life, things tends to get more difficult though we become accustomed to change because of growth

  3. teecomm000

    I think getting through is more difficult. You need to be brilliant before you get in and your super brilliancy might not take you through Med school. I mean we’ve seen peeps with very high Jamb Score being dropped and we’ve seen people who managed to make the cut off scale through. 
    I am not saying your brilliancy won’t help, we all know this isn’t Physics and all.. It all depends on how you can take stuffs in. 
    You being able to solve Physics, Chemistry, Maths back then in secondary school, might not actually take you through since you read more often there. 
    And we all know if you even managed to make Med school, you’re a genius on your own.
    And they drop geniuses too
    My mind tho’

  4. Thankz

    Getting through is more difficult.
    Connection can get you in but Discipline and commitment can go a long way to get you through

  5. kenem

    It depends.
    Based on statistics,
    In a class of 100 medical students, 60 to 70 would graduate, giving you an average of 65% chance of finishing
    But in gaining the admission, out of 7000 applicants, the school might accept no more than 150, leaving you with a 2.14% chance of gaining the admission in the first place
    Now, that being said,
    In terms of academic effort and labor,
    The effort and labor you put into passing medical school is incredibly strenuous and unlike any other
    While the of level stress to get in, though it’s tough, is not as intense. If you read PN OKEKE, MODERN BIOLOGY, and ABABIO very well
    Plus your jamb past questions,
    You’re basically done.
    But you can’t begin to compare that to the number of huge medical books you’ll read plus long clinicals and practicals
    So in this regard, getting through trumps getting admission easily.
    It all depends on how you look at it

    1. Adeshola 54

      This stats is flawed… come to University of Jos for example, 300L Medicine has about 300 students when you have about 300 students in Year 3 medicine. University of Jos can’t induct more than 100 medical doctors in a session so please where do you drop the about 200 students. I know it’s hard to gain admission to study Medicine but it’s harder…MUCH HARDER to finish…by the time Biochem almond finish your life before writing your second MBBS, then you’d know you’re not in medicine to joke.. not to talk to clinicals and even in pharmacology in 4th or 5th year…No school offers just 100 students to study medicine FYI and no school graduates/inducts about 70% of the students she admitted as far as medicine is concern

      1. kenem

        My statistics are based on my school, though different schools have different criteria and capacity. Medicine is a really hectic course all round. It’s an insane struggle from start to finish. May God grant us all ease and strength.

  6. Msharun281

    Getting through medical school is more difficult than getting admission into it Because most of those that gotten the admission where the pioneers in their secondary School and team of super intelligent students. They can survive in almost all courses but surviving in medical school seems to be very tough even though they spend day and night reading .suffering from stress disorder was a normal thing in medical school. And one thing is whoever you see in medical school is a very serious student ,most of them have passion for reading .
    But after all these many people will be withdrawn from the faculty where some even commit suicide because they can’t think of anything other than medical school. That’s why medical school is titled “survival of the fittest”
    It’s a journey that many are called,few are chossen but only the fittest are survive. Medical school is all about sacrificing time, joy and more importantly our health.
    Salute to medicox

  7. Abimifunoluwa

    Getting through medical school is more difficult oh. I am a 200 lvl student of University of Abuja studying medicine. We are more than 100 in my class and only 50 will pass to 300 lvl due to MDCAN laws, after that first MB Ahh Omo it’s not easy oh. The night studies, being drawn away from society and also at a point u lose control of your thinking and the things going around you. Especially if you were a social person before it’s hard, you will feel withdrawn, the Pressure from everyone and also envy and separation from alot of people because they say u make them feel inferior because u are reading alot . It’s not easy

  8. vikky

    Well, you know it is said that
    It is hard to get to the top but sustaining that top position is harder.

    Getting into med school is a hard journey, having to journey through several competitions, sacrifice lots of time in reading and praying.
    Then getting into med school, it’s an entire ball game, a new journey.

    God will help us all

  9. nenyeemjay

    I’m a medical student from coouth Anambra state and I think it’s easier to get into medical school than getting through it.
    The stress the tension, the segregation in fact everything is a kind of stress on it’s own(we are in the same campus with engineering, MCB and others, so when you try cutting the time you spend with friends in other departments they try to cut you off) still battling with insomnia because of the kind of stuffs I passed through for my 2nd MBBS exams I always tell myself I’m here to stay and I’m not backing down till I get what I want


      Please how did you fight sleep

      Wanna tackle sleep biko?

  10. MoMo

    I feel this topic shouldn’t even be controversial. The whole stress and sleepless nights with bulky reading back to back that one does just to even get an average score (50%) and move on. A lot of persons admitted into the medical school were Head boys and Head girls (Senior perfects) of their secondary school. They were champions of their time then. But Medical school remains a humbler and you’ll be surprised to see some set of people like this still flushed out of the system. Check out the failure from the first MB alone seff and look at the JAMB score of some persons that fell into that category. You’ll be so shocked. The medical school is a different ball game altogether. Getting the admission is one thing but being able to fight till the end is an arduous task.

  11. Nrssophy

    Definitely, getting through medical school is harder. Especially in a country like Nigeria where all you need is connections.
    But it is only after getting in to medical school that we know what each person is made of.
    The fact that you get a grasp of physics, chemistry and biology in secondary School doesn’t mean you will be able to cope.
    Medical school brings a lot of challenges to every one in it. You have a ton of sacrifice to make ranging from social time to whatever.

  12. Efarkay

    Getting through is the most difficult oo. Ah the sacrifices, the intensive reading of big and bulky textbooks, the morning to evening lectures… the stress is just outta this world. But passion and consistency together with the zeal and dream of being a doctor are what make one keep pushing. Securing admission is difficult too because at that moment ull think ur life depends on just passing jamb n putme then bam seeing ur name on admission list. That’s just it but finally when u don enter. That’s when ull know shaki no be leather!!!

  13. TeeJay

    Well… getting into med school can be more challenging especially when it comes to beating the cut off marks.
    When you are in med school already, as far as you do the right things you will get through
    And med school does not make you less social rather it disciplines you and make you plan your schedules properly
    Plus experience shows that over reading does not make you do better
    You can study for 6 hours and still perform better than the person studying for 12 hours. It’s about being smart, taking class serious and doing your own personal study efficiently
    Also one of my professors said medicine is a social course, it doesn’t isolate you from society
    You choose to be isolated. Finally, choosing to get through med school is decision you have to make yourself.

  14. TeeJay

    Most times we med students study hyper.
    We leave the basics and move toxic stuff and in the exams our lecturers are mostly testing our basic knowledge of the subject not PhD stuff

    1. MoMo

      Funny part is that those toxic stuff is mostly for show-off 😆

  15. mhuphakin

    Entering medical school is difficult
    I know of a guy that chose medicine last year with 312 in jamb and 78 in post utme
    He still couldn’t get medicine,as a matter of fact, he wasn’t even admitted same as me just that I had a lower jamb score though
    Getting through medical school can’t be so difficult because as we all know you can’t be a dullard and still get medicine..I haven’t heard of a dull medical student
    The determination, seriousness and hardwork is all you to just get through it but entering medical school,even with a jamb score..I will say it is just grace because we can have like almost 200 student picking medicine for a particular school with mad jamb scores and the school just plan to admit 50
    That is how difficult it is

    1. MoMo

      Guy…This not the issue of being a dullard. It’s not about that. In my school, the current 400L class is half the number that began pre-clinicals. There is very high failure rate (even among those that got almighty JAMB scores).

  16. Tao

    I feel getting through is more difficult.
    Even though, most pple went through hell before gaining admission to study medicine, not everyone pass through that. But it’s inevitable for everyone to pass through the hurdles of getting through, which is quite harder than getting in to study. And that, is survival for the fittest.

  17. George chidera

    Getting through medical school, because getting in can only take 1year of serious hard work and consistency to get in , but getting through takes double effort with mad consistency and up to 6 years, if you are serious with getting what you want.

  18. Whybie

    From my opinion, I believe getting through medical school is tougher than gaining the admission.
    To get the admission, all you require is to have a nice Jamb score ( preferably from 289 and above),
    ….. together with nice grades in your SSCE( WAEC OR NECO) . All of the above will be much easier if you are a bright and hardworking student.
    Besides, in this generation, slots are available and connection is the order of the day.
    From the recent set of students that just finished from secondary school, I heard of a girl who scored 256 in her JAMB but to my surprise, she got the admission to study medicine. I later learnt that it was through a slot she got the admission. Meanwhile, when you get to the university and you face the real deal, that’s where the true passionate and hardworking students stand out from the others.
    To pass through medical school requires those that are ready to be consistent with respects to their grades and those that can withstand the test of time .
    In the university, you could have an emergency exam or test which might turn out to be what will determine whether you are promoted or withdrawn from the school.
    It all still boils down to the individual. The right ones are the ones that would persevere and finally come out successful .

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