Medical Laboratory Scientists Day

International Laboratory Scientists Day is an annual celebration of the medical laboratory professionals who play a vital role in every aspect of health care.

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Medlab Science Day

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  1. thee.cynthia

    Really so you can have all the training we use 5years to acquire in the space of 9months?

    We learn biochemistry,anatomy and physiology too in one year,does that make us biochemists,anatomists or physiologists?

    Medical laboratory science is the oracle of medicine, the tests and analysis done by scientists provides the basis for diagnosis,research and treatment. I’m sure doctors have their place in the medical world too, so there is absolutely no need for competition.

    The beauty of medicine is the ability of health professionals to work hand in hand to ensure their patient(s) wellness.

  2. zee

    I agree with this fine man.

    Young generations that ought to correct the problems our predecessors faced that cost the life of many patients are still narrow minded and they are still struggling to create more troubles.

    There’s a reason it’s referred to as *HOSPITAL*. Every member of the health care team has their unique functions,however some members receive training in virtually all the fields,it may not to be deep but it’s enough to enable them function well in situations where others are not available.

    Refusal to stick to ND admit our role is the problem.
    We know the lab scientists can make queried diagnosis based on the result of the investigations but why should they?
    Is it in their job description to? Is the result with you enough to make the diagnosis? Do you know you might be misleading the patient?

    ND the Doctors,yes,you have the knowledge but do you have the time to go carry out the test?
    Don’t you think you should respect the role of others?
    Can you all function alone without help?
    Don’t you think there’s a reason they are trained differently?

    I see no reason people should fight over a title,you can be a doctor in your field you know.

    You don’t need to prove a point,just do your job well and the universe will recognize you.

    If you are proactive,you earn more money,more prestige,more status instead of growing leaner by the day trying to prove an obvious point.

    I come in peace and I m neither an MLS student nor a medical student.

  3. Khaddy

    Medical laboratory scientists aren’t doctors and doctors aren’t medical laboratory scientists, everybody have their role.
    You can’t compare what you learnt in a year with what another person learnt for years. This is exactly the same way other courses like anatomy, physiology and biochemistry are being ridiculed
    Med lab scientists and medical doctors are meant to work hand in hand, not one forming being superior.
    I remember during one of my clinical posting in LTH, Histopathology lab to be precise, the Pathologist there never saw us as people inferior to him. This man will even teach us whenever is working, we ask him questions and relate well
    with him. This man will go as much as enlightening us more about the goods of our profession.

  4. The polygamous bachelor

    Medical Lab scientists👩‍🔬🥼🥼 are one of the most vital professionals in the health sector whom some might argue aren’t given the recognition they deserve. Their importance in health cannot be overemphasized.
    How else would doctors confirm or even make diagnosis without diagnostic tests ? But it’s a pity Nigeria we have a problem of not staying where we are put. This goes both ways and has led to a devastating cold war in the health sector. Medical lab scientist suffer untold hardship from doctors👩‍⚕️ who believe
    scientists are inferior and since they did “most” of the medical lab science courses 📒📔in school they can very well usurp their role in the hospital🏥🏥. We have doctors barging in labs demanding to perform tests themselves, acting condescendingly towards lab officials and exhibiting all sort of uncivil behaviour. Yes if you are a pathologist or even a fresh (unspecialised) doctor. You may be able perform most of the ROUTINE laboratory procedures not ALL. Moreso med lab science is way way beyond RDT and FBS tests. So the fact that you can do full blood count doesn’t mean you should go and challenge a med lab scientist employed to perform that role. Doctors 👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️should stay in their place which is diagnosis based on test results and if they observe any discrepancy they can go about addressing it in an official and civilised manner not just by barging into the lab. Med lab scientist👩‍🔬👩‍🔬 should also know they are not doctors👩‍⚕️ and should not in any way pretend to be one. You wearing a lab coat 🥼🥼doesn’t give you any right to diagnose. Imagine a doctor attending to a patient and the patient raises objection to his judgement because the “doctor”😒😒 who is actually a med lab scientist👩‍🔬 said so, so and so. Also, some med lab scientist are quick and prepared to challenge and fight doctors at any given opportunity. This is wrong and detrimental to our health system. We are young people and we should move away from that archaic feud our medical elders left us. When we all recognise our respective roles, the hospital will be a much more fun place to work🥰🥰 more effort will be put to combating quackery, dearth of equipment, unfavorable govt. policies and all other problems affecting the profession and the effect will be apparent on the quality of healthcare delivered to patients. Happy international laboratory scientists’ day🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. perrynjoku

    Lol.. the bedrock upon which the castle that is “medicine and surgery” was built upon.

    Though their efforts genuinely are importantly… A question of “whom is equal to whom” is very sentimental.
    Yes all legs of a stool(i.e in this case medical and health sciences) work together to hold it up…… But seperating them tell you their individual strengths.
    I will never say that any health care profession is irrelevant.. but certainly I can definitely say that none equals medicine and surgery.

    I work part time in a diagnostic laboratory amongst some med lab scientists… And tbh there is no complicated magic that’s going on there…. Many of these procedures are what we already know or are getting to know.
    For someone to say that the only difference between a doctor and mls is surgery is actually really funny…😂😂
    There’s so much more to general medicine…. Not to even talk of specialties.

    I respect all professions… But no healthcare profession equals being a medical doctor. This doesn’t mean that we look down on any profession but rather it only entails the amount of responsibility the profession carries.

  6. Oke Olumide

    So because archery is relatively primitive,it means archers have greater chances against modern arsenal when it comes to warfare?
    The point that MLS is the bedrock of modern medicine historically is lame

    Moreover, everyone is important nd unique. But there is also hierarchy and that’s quite obvious. We tend to misunderstand uniqueness/importance and order.

    So because doctors dont do what the orderlies or even chemical pathologists do, it means they are greater than doctors?. C’mon.

    To say that the difference between Doctors and medical lab scientists is surgery alone makes me doubt if I want to even partake in the convo.

    Everyone wants to be rated.thats great. But let’s not start overthrowing an obvious truth

  7. mls_oriade 01

    Medical laboratory science is a biomedical science that deals with scientific analysis of secretion, fluid and tissue of human and animal origin for the purpose of detecting any normal or/and abnormal content of the specimen to provide diagnosis, treatment and research information.
    Medical laboratory scientists are trained in this regard. I call them the unsung heroes of healthcare because you find them behind the scenes dealing with the like of specimens that I mentioned above. They do not have much physical contact with patients(which is why they are not well recognized). However, a lot happens in the lab. Lab scientists are lab doctors(Ever heard of laboratory medicine?!)
    Medical laboratory scientists are not doctors and will not in anyway claim they are doctors because they are unique and occupy an important unit in the healthcare system. To me, there’s no superior nor inferior in the healthcare system because each “employer” has his job description which is to be followed accordingly.
    Doctors are doctors, nurses are nurses, physiotherapists are physiotherapists! The same thing applies to MLScts! In my opinion, the main thing causing “violence” in the medical field is LACK OF RESPECT.
    Let’s use the Medical laboratory scientists and the pathologists(Doctors) as a case study.
    The conflict between these two is caused majorly by the pathologists because they like going overboard. (Do not come for me because I am aware that some Med lab scientists pass their boundary esp in prescribing drugs.)
    Doctors need to understand that Medical laboratory scientists are in charge of the medical laboratory. You cannot just enter a lab and start doing “gra gra”. You cannot claim to know all because las las ehnnn in this field, it’s all about SPECIALIZING. You cannot claim to be on a higher level as a specialist in his own field.
    Someone made an example of patients saying to Doctors that a “doctor” told them to do “this and that”. Firstly, awareness about Medical laboratory science is not like that of medicine that is why this is happening and it is my responsibility as a MLS student to create this awareness.
    Secondly, as said earlier a MLSct is in charge of the lab. When a patient comes in for tests, I give him instructions on what to do in order not to get false positive /negative result. Sometimes ehnnn, some doctors will assume the result in their head and start to speak anyhow to the lab scientist which is not supposed to be.
    I’m saying too much already 🙄. Nahh,,
    So I saw someone say, saying that MLS is the bedrock of modern medicine is lame. Did you do philosophy of science in school?! Please dear, do your research.
    Shout out to all Medical laboratory scientists (in embryo too), you are doing a great job and I’m proud to be part of this great family! To think that we do not just stay on the bench (we may also act as quality control officers , etc…) is another thing that makes us unique!


  8. Cocowriteze

    Lol, my own is, doctors give provisional diagnosis.

    Man you don’t know what’s going on, that’s why you sent that patient to me.

    You can guess, but you need the results that come from me to make a proper diagnosis.

    Who are these student doctors running mouth???

    Haba, it is my duty as an MLS to *DIAGNOSE*.

    It is not my fault if the patient decides to be an itk and run mouth.

    But it is well within my jurisdiction to categorically and correctly tell the patient what’s wrong with him or her.

    Doctors doing pcv and neutrophil count be saying they can perform lab test.

    Oya now, enter the lab and go to chemistry.

    Noise makers Sha.

    I’m not in any competition with doctors, 2 of my siblings are in the medical line, including a DM, and we both know that we are not interchangeable.

    Only God knows how nurses cope with these people smh

    All of these brags coming from a bachelor of medicine and surgery 😂.

    You’re a bachelor’s dear, a bachelor.

    Na because dem dry call dem doctor dey enter their head.

    Boya we should change it to physician.

    You’re a bachelor, just like MLS

  9. Hamzah99

    Lol…. it’s so funny how some people talk Sha, for your information, medical laboratory science is beyond all this bench work…even an ordinary secondary school leaver can do all these basic test we do, even your profession that you are talking about, we have so many quack doctors that are even more better in surgery that you claim to be the most difficult than those of you that go to medical school…..both the fact just still remain firm, do they know the basis behind it, no they don’t and they can never know it….Even ordinary PCV, if a med lab scientist go into details about it, you will be amazed that is it more than ordinary PCV and many other simple test…. So doing the test is not the issue, do you know the principle behind the test, do you know the principle behind the kits that are used for the test, do you know the principle behind the instrument that are used for the test….. My people, 5 years no be beans, you can’t compare someone that did a course for a whole 5 years to you that just did it for a year. And get this fact right, almost 60-70% of the hospital efficiency comes from the lab, without us you are just guessing… even most schools MLS and mbbs students do the same courses from 100-300L before we separate in 400L… please give respect to all profession and don’t be too proud, every profession has their role to play in the health sector. And for your information, MLS has many speciality, are we to talk about the trending own today, bioinformatics and molecular medicine. Just accept it, MLS is the bedrock of modern medicine

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