Am I faint hearted?

A lot of kids and families in my environs cannot afford even a two square meal,some others eat nothing at all; they only rely on the junks and crumbs they are able to lay their hands on each day.
For some others, calling them less privileged would be an insult to the less privileged.
Almost everyday I get to see ill-fed kids, looking like they have no future.
In travel routes, i see road vigilantees whose countenance has been damaged by the daily scorching sun ,begging for meagre money to support themselves.
I see poor children in families of six, seven or eight wearing rags for clothings, trying hard to keep a counterfeit smile on their faces .
The worst of them all is seeing kids of ages five and six engaging in menial jobs and roadside begging in order to gather some little money.
I see these things,and I’m moved,the thoughts of the pain these people go through prickles my heart.Some others see them and act like they don’t care,others feel they shouldn’t be pitied because of their ethnic differences.
I do not have enough myself,but then I see myself as privileged in the midst of these others. I am touched and obliged to help with the little I have but then my society sees this as odd. Does this then make me faint hearted?
Is it wrong to feel pity for others?
Is it bad and feeble to be emotionally touched and moved by surrounding events and situations?
Rummaging through my head are these questions
Am I faint hearted?

Written by

Onyekachi Solomon AKA Mr.Unique

Enugu State University of Science and Technology, NIGERIA.


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